Why Movie Tickets Have Gotten So Expensive

Why Movie Tickets Have Gotten So Expensive

Popular movies continue to break box office records. But it really affects the audiences’ wallets.

Is a weekend activity or date plan more reliable than a drive to the multiplex to watch a new movie? According to the National Association of Theatre OwnersNational Association of Theatre Owners, Americans and Canadians go to the movies an average of one billion times a year. Ticket sales add up to more than $10 billion. Your night in the movies can help spark a massive industry, but your wallet can also be hitting harder than ever.

But when you realize that you have left the theater and dropped dollars on tickets and snacks, you may want to wait patiently until the Netflix movie comes out.

Why are movie tickets so expensive? Who makes the money: the movie theater or the movie studio? Typically, theaters and studios divide the proceeds of ticket sales, but the ticket price is determined by the theater itself. Theaters really make the most of their money on concessions, which is why you paying steep prices for popcorn, soda, and candy. Historically, movie theaters have increased the price of concessions rather than tickets.

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Reasons for expensive movie tickets

Reasons for expensive movie ticketsInflation is the main reason why movie tickets are so expensive. Movie tickets were actually more expensive in the ’70s than it is now. In 1978, a ticket cost $2.34, but today’s price is $9.46. National Association of Theater Owners, calculated their average using theaters around the world, so their number falls somewhere between the $8 for a ticket to a local theater in a small town and the $16 for a theater in a big city like New York or Los Angeles. When you go to the theater, make sure you always follow these movie theater etiquette rules.

Another reason why you need to sink your life savings to watch a movie on the big screen is that theaters are competing with streaming services that produce their own movies like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Let’s be honest, sitting at home on your couch or bed is more comfortable than sitting in the cold theater.

Due to streaming technology, movie theaters have to use concession to attract customers. Gourmet refreshments – including alcohol, reclining seats, surround sound and 3-D movies are all examples of that. All of that upgrade comes at a price, leading to more expensive tickets.