Which Attack On Titan Character Are You?

Which Attack On Titan Character Are You

Are you an avid anime watcher? If you are, then you might have watched Attack on Titan. Hey! are you still waiting for the final season too? Yeah, I know it is annoying to wait for your favorite dark fantasy anime. For the ones who do not know what Anime is, let us give you some information.

What is Anime?

What is AnimeAnime is a term derived from the English word “Animation” It is used as a short form for Japanese Animation. It was developed as art by various cartoonists in Japan. Animes are the artwork adapted from the Japanese Manga Books. As popularity grew within the domestic boundaries, it started gaining more international audiences too.

What is Attack on Titan about?

Well, Attack on Titan is Japanese Anime adapted from the manga of the same name by the author Hajime Isayama. It is a dark fantasy drama, so if you love the genre, you should watch it. The story of the Anime starts within a world where humanity is girdled around in the cities. The cities are surrounded by the Titans who devour the human being for no reason. In this way, the adventure is followed by Eren Jaeger and his friends. The lives of his friends, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, are changed as the Colossal Titan ruptures the wall between their cities and home town. So, they vow revenge over the Titans and gain the world of theirs. They join the groups of Soldiers in order to fight against the Titans. The story goes on. Do you want to find out how they battled against the Titans? All you can do is wait.

Which Attack On Titan Character Are You?

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