What Motivates A Fashion Designer?

A hardworking fashion designer is someone that has a prolific power of imagination. To compete with the ever-growing industrial need and evolution they need to strike it big. In this era of fashion keeping pace with the changing trends is the biggest challenge. They are capable of creating a design out of the rags too. They are creative enough to bring elegance out of anything that might not be beautiful in the eyes of an ordinary man.

In recent times, fashion designers are the support system of the glamour industry. They are always on demand in the entertainment industry. There are instances where the creative mind of a fashion designer stood un-decodable in front of the ordinaries. But what keeps these people in the league? What keeps the question of their survival answered? These questions are worth being answered if you are a fashion designer or trainee designer looking for some motivation.

A need arises when there is a necessity

Human beings lived in an era where clothing was not necessary. Slowly we evolved to a state where clothing was possible with leaves and tree twigs. Then came the fabrics that started to cater to the need of covering our body parts. Gradually the basic necessity of covering the body parts alone turned into the need to look unique.

That’s when fashion crept into the world that headed towards civilization. The idea of fashion changed now and then along with people’s ideas of beauty and their need to portray themselves in a certain way. Along with the people’s need, the idea of fashion started to evolve, but where do they get all the inspiration from? Is it the need to bring something into existence or the need to improvise that is already into existence?

Before answering these questions, we need to understand what “imagination” is all about.

  • Creative imagination: the ability to create something that never existed. Being able to create something that was never conceived by the human mind before. For example, scientists like Einstein and Edison could do creative imagination and bring unique ideas into existence.
  • Synthetic imagination: being able to create something new out of what already exists. For example, the inventor of smartphones developed something new out of the concept of mobile phones that already existed.

Source of inspiration for a designer’s soul:

  • Visual inspiration: being inspired by that which might make a visual appeal. For example, something that they came across in a magazine, a different designer, that which they found in nature, or even in a design that someone was seen wearing already. Something that is visually appealing to them acts as a source of inspiration.
  • Conceptual inspiration: being inspired by something that does not exist, but could be great if they came into existence. The need to design something that never exists leads to a creative imaginative process in them. This acts as a source of inspiration to create something new.


Fashion designing is a career choice for people who would love to bring a revolution in the field of fashion and entertainment. Fashion designers are more on- demand as the fashion and the glamour world has started to grow deeper and steeper. With determination and perspiration, anything is achievable. All we need is the right guidance.

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