What fish are biting in Destin Florida?

Destin Fishing Charters

We’ve entered the half of the summertime fishing industry of the Destin Fishing Charter. Most anglers come to the offshore of the Gulf of Destin during these times. A common practice is to abandon Destin’s inshore bay to fish in the deep waters of the Gulf of Destin. Don’t worry about this. The same redfish and speckled trout are active as ever in the Destin’s inshore bay. If Destin’s white sand beaches are thrown away, then the Gulf of Destin’s Inshore also offers us plenty. Red snapper fishing will quickly target other species of the snapper family and other legal species such as Mahi Mahi, Cobia, King Mackerel, Grouper and Amberjack.

Destin Fishing ChartersIf enters in the midsummer, the inshore gulf of Destin will be able to pay attention to the rich harvest. Vermillion snapper generally topping the list of the most wanted species of all time for the clients. Vermillion snappers are available in both natural bottoms reefs and artificial reefs. Not only targeting vermillion snapper, but everything from Boston mackerel to white bait and live shrimp. Holding a variety of baits ensures that you’re usually bitten from the more sophisticated vermillion snapper.

Another snapper family member we usually target in the summer is the mangrove snapper. Mangrove snapper in the same habitats as the Vermillion snapper. So when you see the mangrove snapper you’ll catch one after another.

When targeting both vermillion and Mangrove snapper, we next look at fluorocarbon, leader which is 24-36 inches long attached to a very small swivel and light wire hook. Get ready to use enough weight to get your bait down to the bottom.

The summertime Inshore Bay fishing for redfish and speckled trout has been a challenging one for most. These often feed in the early morning. In the first light we often see both species in the shallow water grass flats of the Inshore Bay of Destin. Destin Fishing ChartersMenhaden and pilchards are also summertime baits when it comes to fishing, especially in shallow water grass flats. Free lining live baits is a favorite tactic when targeting summertime redfish and speckled trout. Other methods used to target summertime redfish are the shorter Carolina rig. Redfish caught in deep water and a half-ounce slip lead and a bait as mentioned above will catch speckled trout.

Summer is in full swing. This fall won’t be long. The fish are biting in the Inshore Bay and Gulf of Destin and the water temperature is high. Therefore, different strategies are needed to target the various Gulf and Bay species. The Intracoastal Experience is recognized as one of the best Destin Fishing Charters targeting both the Destin Inshore Gulf and Bay.