Are you planning to hire a skip bag?

Are you on the lookout for items to avoid in a skip? Then the below-profiled article throws insights into things to put and to avoid in the skip bag. Read on to know more.

 What is recyclable waste?

 It is the processing of litter into new items that reduce the deployment of raw materials.

 Things to put in a Skip Bag

 Construction Waste

 It consists of items generated from a construction site like electrical wires, roofing, nails, bricks, and ceramic tiles. It might also include tree branches and stumps, dredging materials, and debris.


 It is one of the easily recyclable items which you can throw into a skip bag hire.

 Household Waste

 You can throw domestic items like food scraps and packaging, garden waste, plastic bottles, and cans inside your skip bag hire.

 Mixed Metals

 You can put metals like copper, steel into your trash bag.


 You can throw tree stumps, hardwood flooring, and old furniture inside a skip bag hire.


 All paper waste like brochures, magazines, and newspapers classified as household waste finds a place inside a bag. 

Recyclable Items

 You can throw all recyclable items like plastic glass, bottles, cans, and paper into a bag.


 It consists of products like composite panels and timber flooring.

 Things not to put in Skip Bag


 In general, these cannot be disposed of in a skip bag hire due to their hazardous chemicals.


 It consists of harmful chemicals, so it is better to dispose of them at a recycling facility or a garage.


 Let the professionals like www.monsterjunk.co.uk take care of toxic asbestos.

 Paint and Paint Cans

 You can only dispose of empty cans into a skip bag. Please contact your council or expert cleaners for more information.

 Medical Waste

 It includes waste generated from hospitals, vet clinics, and health care centers, which must be disposed of with care as they contain harmful chemicals.

 Electrical Waste

 It comprises devices like telephones, mobile phones, printers, AC’s, TV, vacuum cleaners, computers, and all others that contain battery or power supply parts. It contains poisonous compounds like mercury, lead, and cadmium that can harm both humans and the ecosystem.


 Make sure to segregate it from the general waste before disposal.



The above-profiled information helps you to classify your waste before disposal that helps rubbish removal Crewe to remove your trash with ease. Are you looking for professional skip bag hire services? Then please click on the link provided below, www.monsterjunk.co.uk, to get your estimate.