What are all the steps and tools involved in the installation of a tankless water heater?

What are all the steps and tools involved in the installation of a tankless water heater

The installation of tankless water heater is filled with some twists and turns an amazing surprising to you. Don’t think so that removing the old water heater and place the tankless water heater in the place. Also, the efficiency tankless water heater is quietly installed with the recirculation pump just simply connected to the existing tank heater.

Here we go with few steps for the tankless water heater installation What are all the steps and tools involved in the installation of a tankless water heater

Before entering the process of installation, we are in need to have the proper tools and materials for ongoing good installation.

  • Thermostat tankless water heater
  • Driller
  • Screwdriver
  • Tubing cutter
  • Saw and PVC pipe
  • Propane torch
  • Screw
  • Spirit level
  • Copper supply pipe
  • Shut off valves for water and gas

Without any of these tools and materials, you can’t go with the fine installation process.

Hope to install the tankless water heater?

Pick the perfect location for install the heater

Make the right position of the heater so that it makes easy in installing and servicing. If the wall of your house is with brick or stone according to that the screws are used.

Frame a path for exhaust vents    and air intake

Planning the perfect path for pipes, as exhaust vent pipes and air intake pipes are considered to be the most essential in installation. The code is allotted for exit location in the house wall after this cut the PVC pipe for fittings with the help of primer and cement.

Make pipes to run out of the house

Make sure about the horizontal run of the downward running of pipes outside the house and it is greatly supported with the straps. Outside the wall, the termination cap is attached with the screws.

Venting through the roof

You are highly in need to run the pipe up and out the roof. If the pipes are goes upward with the horizontal runs then the condensed water might mean to turn back to the water heater tank.

Hook up cold water connections

Now it’s ready to hook up the cold water connections, it happens if your house had the good copper pipe connections. Sure about it as none the heat be used with sweat pipes that to be connected with tankless water heater. Prior to the connection, you must shut off the cold water valve, then connect cold water parts and finally connect to the unit’s valve.

Other steps

There are very many steps are there in the tankless water heater installation,

  • Check it by running the cold water
  • Other parts are connected
  • Houses hot water line is connected
  • Hook up the gas connection
  • Thermostat is connected
  • Unit testing’s
  • Start program the thermostat


With the minimum temperature and safe water as it away from bacteria, go with good plumbing services and programs by proper tankless water heater installation.  You may save money by affording the professional plumbing services.