Many young women under 40 don’t think of a cancer encounter. Unfortunately, some statistics report that dangerous ailments can occur at any age, and elderly persons are at high risk of acquiring breast cancer.

When does it occur?

Cancer occurs in women when there is uncontrollable breast cell growth that turns into a tumor. Harmful tumors spread to the enclosing body parts, and early detection and diagnosis prevent its further propagation. The Cancer Society states this cancer is the most prevalent next to non-melanoma type. Being aware of the reasons for inhabiting this disease aids appropriate screening and lifestyle decisions.

The following short read describes the connectivity between age and the risk of obtaining breast cancer. Read to know more.

Who are at high risk of this illness?

Women above the age of 50 are frequently diagnosed with breast cancer because unusual cell changes occur when they get older. According to some reliable data, the average age of acquiring this condition is 62 years.

Apart from age, some risk factors for breast cancer are as follows,

Breast Heaviness

This woman’s body part consists of fatty and connective tissues displayed differently in the mammogram imaging. Specialists coin the term mammographic dense with high fatty tissues and suggest higher cancer chances than others.

Being Woman

Some statistics and reports state that females are 100 times more prone to develop this hazardous disease than males.

Procreative history

Women who experienced early puberty or late menopause witness increased secretion of female reproductive hormone levels that produce high breast cancer risks. Females with ovarian or fallopian tube cancer should consider genetic testing.

Others who have high possibilities are,

  • People who underwent chest radiation therapy before the age of 40.
  • Breast cancer treatment like hormone replacement therapy presents high chances of acquiring this disease.
  • Family history of cancer, especially in sister, mother, and daughter relationship.
  • After first childbirth.
  • A person with BRCA1/2 genetic defects is at higher risk.

Lifestyle Factors

  • Lack of physical activity increases the chances of cancer. Try to incorporate some exercise into your daily routine.
  • Gaining weight post menopause is also a significant reason to obtain the disease. An ideal BMI reduces the risk of cancer at the later stage of your life.
  • Consumption of contraceptive pills is often associated with cancer. Try to avoid or switch to other alternatives to lessen the possibilities.
  • A person who consumes more alcohol is likely to get cancer.


The above-profiled article throws insights into associations between age and cancer. Many breast cancer treatments produce results when diagnosed at early stages. Are you planning to buy breast enlargement pills? Then please do read the breast max plus reviews before making a purchase. Make sure you consult a doctor before consuming any supplements.