Before probing into the reasons, we need to know what does the word Mechatronics (MS) mean, as it is relatively new.


What is MS?

It is a mix of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Information Systems. All three different sciences converge and lead to working in the field of robotics.

The following are the top 10 fascinating reasons to get a MD.

Develop Multidisciplinary skills

  • MS is a convergence of three sciences – Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer.
  • The multidisciplinary skills and knowledge gained equips you with a strong foundation to solve complicated engineering problems.
  • The degree provides you skills like flexibility and adaptability needed for a successful career.

MS is relatively new and less saturated

  • It is a new field, and consequently, the colleges offering the course are only a handful.
  • The reason the number of pass outs and job seekers is less when compared to other branches of engineering, and therefore the market saturation level is not high.
  • The field is fast developing with new areas of applications giving rise to quick job opportunities.

Hands-on labs 

  • The field is more of lab work, so students pursuing a MD program get more hands-on sessions.
  • Your lab component, system, and technology are similar to the professionals working in the field.

Diverse area of applications

It has a wide area of applications, and some of them are as follows,

  • Nanotechnology,
  • Biomedical systems,
  • Automation,
  • Robotics, 
  • Computer Science,
  • Electrical Systems, and 
  • Mechanical Systems.


  • The diverse area of applications ensures that MS graduates remain adaptable.
  • They have the opportunity to build and develop a career in any one of the areas of applications mentioned above.
  • A rare privilege that other branches of engineering graduates don’t’ enjoy. The versatility earns them an edge in the job market.

Lucrative areas of specialization

MS graduates can acquire PG courses that will help them to specialize in a particular discipline, and some of the good ones at present are as follows,

  • Nanotechnology,
  • Bio mechatronics,
  • Robotics.

The R&D sectors associated with the above are lucrative as the respective disciplines are developing at a rapid pace.

Careers in different fields

The mechatronics engineer with multidisciplinary skills and knowledge can obtain employment in the areas like,

  • Telecommunication and Information Services,
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics,
  • Agriculture,
  • Biotechnology,
  • Medical Equipment Design,
  • Transportation & Logistics.

A resume that stands out

  • Many organizations in the MS industry look for capable candidates with technical knowledge who can apply that knowledge to real-time problems.
  • A Mechatronics Degree from a reputed college or university makes you a competitive candidate for the top jobs.

Great salaries

  • In India, a junior engineer earns RS 7, 04,026 per annum, and a senior engineer earns RS 12, 49,441 per annum.
  • The average salary base salary in India is RS 9, 90,590 per annum. The amount varies depending on one’s location, organization, and experience.

Promising Jobs Abroad

Many developed countries need professionals for robotics, nanotechnology, and bio mechatronics. The professionals earn good salaries in these countries.


The above ten reasons outline the benefits of pursuing a Mechatronics Degree. Earn a degree from a reputed college like HICET, one of the top Engineering Colleges In Coimbatore. The college offers the best and the most comprehensive Mechatronics Degree courses that help students to become successful professionals once they step out.