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According to a psychiatric journal, Schema Therapy proved to be an alternative treatment approach for the most challenging and resistant clients with Borderline Personality Disorders. The therapy produced higher recovery rates, lessening of depression, maximized social functioning, and minimized dropout rates. It is a cost-effective strategy used in many clinics.

The following read narrates about the schema therapy London that are effective for treating challenging and resistant clients.

Introduction to Schema Therapy Techniques

The method allows the integration of emotional, experimental, and interpersonal techniques to its conventional cognitive and behavioral therapy patterns that boosts emotions.

The therapists offering schema therapy in London believe that triggering the emotional side of the brain produces changes. Therapy counseling helps to surpass the Detached Protector stage to reach the Vulnerable Child phase.

Effective Cognitive Techniques


Effective Cognitive TechniquesIt is an audio or written statement deployed amidst the sessions. They are created by the therapist that resembles those developed by a parent of a young child. They are internalized messages that help you to develop a healthy adult mode. The customized cards differ for challenging state and treatment phase.

Schema Diaries

It is a form filled amidst the session that helps you to chart down the schema trigger point and sorted based on realistic concerns, thoughts, underlying schemas, feelings, overreactions, healthy perspectives, and behavior. This tool aid in the futuristic development of a healthy adult.

Popular Behavioral Techniques

It includes tasks to overcome avoidance mode, assertive training to surpass the compliant surrenderer and entitlement schemas related to empathy training.

Emotional –Experimental strategies in Schema Therapy

It increases the sessions’ efficacy and brings emotional change via role play, two-chair work, and imagery.

Emotional –Experimental strategies in Schema TherapyImagery

The right brain stores childhood experiences and schemas. It has connections with our deep emotions and feelings. Therefore, imagery can access the gut level and vulnerable child-level feelings of the schema. The process of imagery re-scripting and revisions of aching reminiscences fulfills your needs.

Chair Work

You have to shift between the two chairs named schema side and healthy side during the conversation. It helps you reach closure or practice assertiveness. Both chair work and imagery techniques find application during a schema therapy in London.


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