Perfect Fitness Weight Vest, 20-Pound, Grey

We all know that adding resistance is the only way to increase intensity and to get results very quickly. In this case, wearing a vest is the innovative way to accomplish it very quickly. Are you ready to wear a weighted vest? Then, buy Perfect Fitness Weight Vest, 20-Pound, because this is one of the best-weighted vests available in these days market.

Perfect Fitness Weight Vest, 20-Pound, Grey

Features of Perfect Fitness Weight Vest, 20-Pound:

Why do I need to buy Perfect Fitness Weight Vest? This is your question right!! There are so many reasons behind in the recommendation of using this weighted vest. Some of those reasons are in terms of the features.

Maximum comfort

The Perfect Fitness Weight Vest offers maximum comfort with flat and flexible weight and this is designed to move with your body.

Padded shoulder

This weighted vest is made with breathable shell and as well as a padded shoulder for added comfort and stability.

Slim design

It has inspired slim design, which maximizes the mobility, so all fitness trainers and military people are liked to wear this weighted vest.


There is an empty pocket in this weighted vest, where you can store media player to enjoy your workout session. Apart from that, you can also store other small things.

Dual belly band

The dual belly band in the weighted vest ensures the athletic fit and function.

Adjustable weight

The maximum weight of the weighted vest is 20 lbs and also allows you to add or remove weights. There are pockets to add or remove weights, so you can add 1 pound per pocket and increase up to 20 lbs.


The material used to design this weighted vest is road ready to high visibility reflective materials. This material adds a low light condition to the weighted vest.


  • This is a very comfortable weighted vest
  • You can lose a large amount of extra weight with this vest
  • It allows to increase or decrease weight by 1 lb
  • It is very easy to on and off
  • It’s double belly band ensures the secure fit

Final words:

If this is the first time for you to use a weighted vest, then the Perfect Fitness Weight Vest really made for you people with an excellent comfort with weight too. Therefore, don’t forget to buy this weighted vest for your daily use.