Light Weight Camera Stand for Latest Cameras

Light Weight Camera Stand for Latest Cameras

When comes to photography, the photo camera stand has unique importance for a professional and amateur photographer. Both of them may look for a lightweight camera stand to carry around when they are engage in any function or event photography. However, the latest Dolica WT-1010 61-Inch Ultra-Premium Professional Monopod (Black) is the latest one from Dolica camera-accessory Manufacturer Company. This is the most preferred camera accessory product in online shopping. It is also available in many of the authorized dealer of Dolica products in major camera accessories stores nearby you. However, when you purchase online you may get many offers as discount in price, free shipping and timely coupon offers. For more information, visit:

Features of Dolica WT-1010 61-Inch Ultra-Premium Professional Monopod (Black)

Product Code: WT1010

ASIN Code: B00EIAG12E, this is for online purchase only.

Dimensions of WT1010: 21 X 4 X 4 Inches

Height of Monopod: 61 Inches

Monopod Color: Black

Monopod Support Weight: It can withstand any camera up to a weight of 6.7 Lbs.

Monopod Parts: They form in five parts. Their bottom feet are made of rubber, which is an interchangeable type. It has quick flip locks.  A camera mounts of ¼ Inch.  They are frame of Aluminum alloy and with finest foam grips. The foam looks like black plastic color moulds. They are design to support camcorders too.

Usage of Dolica WT-1010 61-Inch Ultra-Premium Professional Monopod (Black)

Best for Professional Photographer: Its lightweight and cute looks in black make it a unique monopod for standard cameras. They are most suitable for the latest lightweight cameras. This is adjustable monopod and the maximum height is 61 Inches. This is very soft with its special foam in black color all over the monopod make them more soft comfort while carrying them. This is best to carry personally than without the help of a camera assistant. They are easy to fix and remove too independently. All parts exactly fix with the right portion only.

Suitable for many Occasions: The WT-1010 is best suitable for professional studios to take indoor stills and photos. They are also the best for outdoor events like marriage functions, any publicity or political campaign, indoor sports event and for portfolio photography.

Best for Amateur Photographer: The WT-1010 is best for beginners and the armature photographers. Since most of the time, they may not require an assistance to hold this monopod, as they are most lightweight available in the market as camera accessory. When comes to armature photographers they are easy to carry with their perfect bag. They are best to handle for taking unique still photos. Once can feel comforts only with use of WT-1010 monopod.

Availability: The best place to buy them is online stores. Since, they are defect free and delivery to your place from their nearest storage house. They will look more beautiful than what you have seen in the website. The online store provides you more offer on daily that their price is always less than the retail shops price.