Laser acne treatment

Laser acne treatment

High-tech laser treatment for acnes penetrates inside the skin’s surface and heals the acne. It provides smooth supple skin and gives a proper solution to acnes and pimples. Acne will never come back if treated properly. It provides greater impact than creams and lotions. Acne and acne scar removal treatment are available for all skin types. Consult your doctor before starting your treatment. Check your skin type and then proceed your laser treatment for acnes. It provides smooth and clear skin.

Laser acne treatmentHow it works?

Yellow light is passed through the skin surface which clears the infection due to acnes. Oily skin is the common reason behind the acnes. Bacteria, activates acne which is destroyed by oxygen flow. Bacteria can be killed only by oxygen. Laser treatment controls the acne formation. Antibiotic is used to treat mild to moderate acnes.

Laser treatment effects

Ablative lasers and non ablative lasers are available to treat acnes. After the treatment, proper skin care is necessary. Permanent solution is not possible. Acnes might pop up again. If you protect your skin from excess oil formation and sun exposure, then there is probability of complete cure.

  • Wash your face daily with mild face wash
  • Moisturizers for dry skin
  • Sun screen lotion when exposure to sunlight
  • If it is oily skin, use cream to remove the excess oil from your skin

After effects

Blue light acne treatment is effective than laser treatment. Laser treatment affects the layer of the skin which might create inflammation and irritation. It is painful but endures a good result. Mild pain, erythema, edema and scaly skin might occur due to laser acne treatment.  Bleeding and oozing are the effects for ablative laser treatment. It is not cost effective. On the post laser acne treatment, some of the tips using natural ingredients for external use,

  • Raw potato and tomato
  • Lemon Juice
  • Raw honey
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Olive oil, Tea tree oil and vitamin E oil
  • Aloe vera
  • Cocoa butter
  • Baking soda

Laser acne treatment with benefits

Laser treatment gives a proper reduction of acne in a first sitting. It has mild pain with effective solution. On proper guidance and advice of your doctor, go for laser treatment. Analyze your skin types and know your allergens before trying laser acne treatment. On post treatment, the skin looks soft, radiant and acne-free.