Is buying a property in Hosur a good idea for the 2020 real estate market?

Is buying a property in Hosur a good idea for the 2020 real estate market

Buying a property is an important decision for many. It’s a step towards starting a full-fledged family for a lot of us. Considering the situation in the year 2020, many of them out there would be hesitant about buying a property. In this situation where survival has become difficult, who would be courageous enough to make such a huge investment? So, the lingering thought in your head, for now, might be, “is it safe to buy a property now?” it’s a great question. In fact, it’s an important question. There are many advantages to becoming a property owner at the same time, risks come along too. If you are under a questionable circumstance, then you need to think twice about the idea of investing.

Well, to answer your question about whether buying a property in Hosur is a good idea, considering the real estate market now, we would suggest you take a few facts into accounts.

  • Real estate market key indicators 
  • Hosur as a place

Market key indicators

Before you plan to invest in any property, you need to look at certain market factors in your locality. Try to figure out if the existing conditions are in your favour.

  • Property inventory levels: the classic rule of supply and demand applies in the field of real estate as well. While there are very few properties to be sold in a locality, the price increases because the buyers are more than the number of properties available. At the same time, the prices decrease as the properties available are more than the buyers. So, decide if it’s the right time to buy a property based on the demand in your locality as it is one of the factors affecting your price.
  • Property pricing history: evaluate how the pricing has been for the past few decades to decide if the pricing this year is justifiable. If purchasing a home is something you are considering seriously then this is another factor that you need to focus on.
  • The number of days on the marketthe number of days an average property has stayed in the market helps determine if you are in a hot or a cool market. Longer the property has stayed in the market better it is for the buyers as the property has remained unsold for a longer period. Hence, to get rid of the properties that have been unsold for a long time, the sellers tend to agree on a lower price.

Considering a few of the many factors mentioned above, it is recommended you think about Hosur as a place for property investment: 

Hosur is a beautiful place located in the north-western part of Tamil Nadu and south-east of Bengaluru. You are sure to fall in love with the climate. if you are a person who is spiritually involved then you have a lot of temples to visit. It is surrounded by a lot of industries so eligible candidates are sure to get good employment opportunities.

It has been ranked the 4th in the world in terms of growth, according to statics in the year 2018. Hosur is well connected to a few major cities via road. The city’s bus stand has a good frequency of buses to Bengaluru. The railway station has train services to the extreme south as well as to Delhi. The city has various localities to live a traffic-free and peaceful life. almost everything is found in the shops in Hosur.

Though there are no malls available in Hosur, yet the branded clothing and apparels are available in Hosur. The city has many educational institutions to provide you with the best education. Medical facilities are available as well, in case of any medical emergency.


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