Are you a cat lover? Do you want your feline to be healthy and happy? Then your little members should receive an ample amount of physical and psychological spur through some interactive playtime from its owner regularly.

The following kitty nook article curates some tactics all the cat lovers can deploy to keep their indoor furry friends active and jubilant.

Cats like Chasing

Do you love chasing games? If yes, then you are a perfect play partner for your feline. When your puss stands at the corner of the hallway and looks at you, it is time for a chase game. The meowing and tails up postures depict their happiness level. Does your puss tail point downward while playing? Then it is a clear indicator that they are running out of fear.

Cat Conversations

When did you last talk to your pet? According to a Pet Psychologist, conversations are highly advantageous for both owner and pet.  Sit down and speak with them softly. Avoid gazing, and wink back when your pet blinks. The blinking of the eye is a sign that indicates that they are relaxed.

Do you have more than one cat? Then make sure you speak with each of them for a few minutes every day or whenever possible.

Cats Games on Mobiles

Today there are many mobile games available for cats. It cannot replace physical exercise. You can motivate your kitties to play the moving fish or mice on tablets that are likely to kindle their curiosity.

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Kitty Go Fetch

Both cats and dogs love to play fetch games. When you buy a toy, pick a small one because it should fit in the cats’ mouths when they carry it back to you during the game. Motivate your little ones to bring back the toy as it is not a natural action for them.

Give them treats while petting because it ensures that they will ask more of fetch games in the future like a pooch. Are you planning to gift a fetch toy for your furs-and-purrs? Then kitty nook has an exquisite collection of gifts for cat lovers.

Build Customized Hiding Places

Cats love to hide and spring up at the sight of prey because they are predators. There are customized toys to hide treats, which is a wonderful option that keeps your furry friends happy and stimulated. Looking to buy cat toys online USA for your loved ones, then Kitty Nook with its attractive collection is the best choice of gifts for cat lovers.


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