How to Get a Passport in Florida and Where to get it

A passport is nothing but an official document which is needed while traveling. It is issued by the government of every country which helps in identifying the nationality and the identity of every individual. Getting a passport in Florida is less preferred by the people when compared with the other states of U.S, as New York and California, which is much preferred by the nationals.

If you need to get a passport in Florida, the below mentioned content will help you find a way.

Where to get?

How to Get a Passport in Florida and Where to get it

If you are planning to get a passport in Florida, you are supposed to be present in person. This clearly means that the applicant should visit a passport office in Florida. There are more than 260 offices or application accepting agencies present in the state.

A wide range of facilities is situated at the post offices present. Most of the post offices don’t have flexible working hours and so it requires to make an appointment in prior for a passport. Some particular offices are also offering services for taking photos for the passport.

Another way of applying is going to the passport agency present in the state, which is located in Miami.

It is the only one passport agency present in Florida.

How to get?

To get a new passport, you are supposed to fill up the application form DS-11. Filling the application form can be done either by online or by printing the form and then filling it. The main thing which you have to keep in mind is, you are not supposed to sign the application form until you are asked to sign it. Signing the application should be done in front of the agent who will witness it.

Apart from the form Ds-11, the applicant is supposed to submit the evidence of the citizenship, an identity proof, a recent passport photo and mainly a photocopy of the identification document. The applicant must carry all these documents to the passport office or agency.

How much does it cost?

The cost of getting a passport in Florida is same as in other states of America. Applicants ages limit of 16 and above 16 will pay a fee amount around $110 for a passport book. Applicants ages 15 and below 15 will be paying around $80 for a passport book. Other than this, every applicant should pay an execution fee of around $25 while they are submitting the form DS-11. Other than these fees, there is other optional fees and additional expenses present. A service charge of $60 will be charged if you need your passport within 3 weeks.

On the whole, getting a passport in Florida is very easy as the application form Ds-11 is always available online. Also, it does not take much time to fill it up. You can also get the passport as fast as possible like you can get it the same day you applied for it.