How Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner will work?

Drains will often get the clogged with no matter and when the problem will be severe to hire the services of professional drain cleaners. It will be sorted out by using the liquid fire drain cleaner.

Function of drain cleaner:

A drain cleaner will be used to clear clogs from the drain. The chemicals that will contain in the liquid cleaners will react with the debris and turns it into the sludge by dissolving the dirt. This will be easily washed down the drain with the flow of water.

Types of liquid fire drain cleaner:

There are three types of liquid fire drain cleaner.

  • Caustic drain cleaner:

Caustic drain cleaners contain bleach. This solution will be good at dissolving the clogs that are caused by the grease and hair. These caustic cleaners will not be effective with large clogs that are mainly for grease.

  • Acidic drain cleaner:

Acidic drain cleaners contain the sulphuric acid and it is extremely corrosive. It will be effective on the clogs. These cleaners will dissolve the paper, napkins, grease, and hair. Liquid fire drain cleaner will be used by the professional only but it also available in the public in spite of the dangers involved.

  • Enzymatic drain cleaner:

Enzymatic drain cleaner will contain the bacterial enzymes and that will be great at dissolving the biological proteins. These drain cleaners will be effective only with the debris like hair or food particles. This drain cleaner will be the most environment-friendly and it is safest when it comes to the different types of the drain cleaners.

All the cleaners will work on the dissolving material clogging the drain and it will help in pushing the materials down the pipe. This will make it easier to push the clog down the drain pipe.

Chemical drain cleaners will be avoided by preventive usage. These chemicals will be used only when the clogged drain and then clear the clog. You have to avoid using the chemical based liquid fire drain cleaner if you have the septic tank system because the chemicals will kill the microorganisms in the septic tank.

Safety measures:

You have to be careful while you are using the chemical-based drain cleaners. You should protect your hands and eyes with gloves and goggles. You should not use the plunger once you have poured the chemical liquid fire drain cleaner down the drain. If you are using the plunger then it will cause the clogged to damage and injury.

For the plunger option, you have to make sure you pump will be enough force to create the pressure within the pipe to dislodge the blockage. It will take several attempts to dislodge the blocking with the shower drain. You can also use a liquid plumber to unclog the shower drain. The safe option will be the best to choose to use a chemical. If you choose the plumber snake as a tool of choice then you have to be sure to have a bucket set before you begin.