Advanced Home Surface Robot Vacuum Machines

Advanced Home Surface Robot Vacuum Machines

A dust free home is what every householder is looking for. The spending on surface floor cleaning are very different when comes to a conventional home and a modern home. This is because; each of the home surface floors differs from each other. A conventional home may have a hard cement surface to a tile surface. A modern home may have the costly marbles and other fine stones flooring surface with carpets. However, the cleaning is very simple task if you have time to do it yourself. The present working culture and a nuclear family does not have sufficient time to clean their home manually or mechanical by self. The first option is to keep a house cleaner to do all cleaning activities. The second option will be use a vacuum cleaner for a quick cleaning activity. Nevertheless, many do not know about the advanced cleaning system like the robot vacuum cleaner. These are automatic cleaner or functions as cleaning robot for your home for surface floor cleaning. This is a small robot in your home and there is no need to handle yourself while on cleaning. It dose floor cleaning automatically. There are many reviews available on the web about the irobot roomba 880. This is the best robot vacuum admired by many and has many robot vacuum reviews in the web.

Difference between Conventional Vacuum Cleaners and the Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Difference between Conventional Vacuum Cleaners and the Robotic Vacuum CleanersSize of the Machines: The size of the machine is very different. A conventional vaccum cleaner are bulky according to its capacity. A robot vacuum cleaner is smart type and comes in the compact shape of disk. A conventional vacuum cleaner has any extra accessories for various cleaning functions. The robot vacuum cleaner is automatic cleaner and is best suit to clean surface floor only. There is no other extra accessories are require to operate this advanced roomba vacuum cleaner.

Electricity Consumption: A conventional vacuum cleaner uses the power as per its suction capacity. Either it totally depends of the motor capacity for suction and for air supply. They are available from 100 Watts to 2000 watts as per domestic consumer needs. The robot vacuum cleaner do have suction motor of fan type and are having very high performance 50% more than the conventional type. It operates on 120 V – 220 V with 50 – 60HZ. Its watts are 30 – 50 and consume 1-3 amp of current. Hence, more energy efficient and are rechargeable since it is wireless automatic cleaner.

Technology of Conventional Vacuum Cleaners and the Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

While seeing the irobot roomba 880, one may often think how it is working like a robot. However, there are only Technology of Conventional Vacuum Cleaners and the Robotic Vacuum Cleanersautomatic sensor technology differs in a conventional type of vacuum cleaners. The robot vacuum cleaner works on the same principal how the conventional vacuum cleaner works. The only difference is its compactness. Either, the size is slim down to smaller parts in a roomba vacuum cleaner.

The conventional vacuum cleaner is manual type and the robot vacuum cleaner is automatic type. It has nearly 15 sensors to detect the objects in a surface floor and map your room to do a quick cleaning activity. There are built-in cameras on the upper front and lower front to analysis the objects. They are having safety sensors to stop on steps and any higher surface with stair function.

The round disk like compact automatic cleaner makes it more convenient to run over your surface floors more easily. The robot vacuum cleaner just requires a start button to touch for automatic function. It does have remote control to adjust its movement in a desired way by manual remote control. Otherwise, it start cleaning in three different modes like standard room cleaning, stop cleaning mode and small room cleaning. It can be pre set to clean automatic according to your convenient time is best options in the robotic vacuum cleaner.