Cheap and at home remedies for acne

Prior to invest more amounts on diverse acne treatments which are useless, just try treatments at home remedies for acne. Home remedies for acne includes only a cheap and ingredients that you usually add in your regular cooking. If you are looking for something that involves natural way of treating the acne skin, then here are some of the best acne remedies that will eradicates acne and keep you away.

Cheap and at home remedies for acne:

Cheap and at home remedies for acne

Some of the top at home remedies for acne have been shown below for you to stay away from acne in order to enjoy clear and free from acne or pimples or other diverse facial skin problems.


Eradication of specific foods or changing your diet plan will surely fight against with acne causing factors. As many tribes caused by acne due to may be fast food and candies and some will affect due to may their way of live. So that most dermatologists advised to adopt your current lifestyle and diet plan to healthier diet plan which ought to includes fruits and vegetables to clear your acne problem and enjoy your life with flawless and beautiful life.

Carrot Juice:

Another cheap and effective home remedies to dealt your damaged surfaces by acne is carrot juice. Because of its rich in Vitamin A, this requires for healthier skin and great source for treating acne too. Take a good quality of carrot, washed it and make a juice by grinding. And, add one tablespoon of purified salt or small amount salt is more enough and dab this mixer on your acne surfaces, after cleaning your face with water. Gently rub it on your face paying concentration on damaged area and handle your face very smoothly, as salt is added for the purpose of exfoliation of the skin.

Leave your face to dry and wash off with warm water and often, do this twice a week. It is also better to eat raw carrot directly, if you like to eat.


Tomatoes are another best home remedy for acne treatment, because it contains Mallic acid that means an Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) which is enormous for acne skin. Cut the tomatoes to small slices and just place it on the injured surfaces directly and keep this for 10 to minutes a day. Mallic acid will remove dead skin cells and bacteria, so that excess oil does not stored in skin pores and results acne.


As Yogurt includes pro-biotic this will battle against bad bacteria that’s the agent of causing acne, is one of the excellent foods for both safety and general health. However, among varies forms of yogurt like low fat yogurt, plain yogurt and so, you have to use only plain yogurt for curing acne skin. Simply cover your face with yogurt mask and let them dry for few minutes and wash your face with water. This rubbing and healing process will aid your skin to reduce hyper-pigmentation.