Are you a cat lover? Do you want your feline to be healthy and happy? Then your little members should receive an ample amount of physical and psychological spur through some interactive playtime from its owner regularly.

The following kitty nook article curates some tactics all the cat lovers can deploy to keep their indoor furry friends active and jubilant.

Cats like Chasing

Do you love chasing games? If yes, then you are a perfect play partner for your feline. When your puss stands at the corner of the hallway and looks at you, it is time for a chase game. The meowing and tails up postures depict their happiness level. Does your puss tail point downward while playing? Then it is a clear indicator that they are running out of fear.

Cat Conversations

When did you last talk to your pet? According to a Pet Psychologist, conversations are highly advantageous for both owner and pet.  Sit down and speak with them softly. Avoid gazing, and wink back when your pet blinks. The blinking of the eye is a sign that indicates that they are relaxed.

Do you have more than one cat? Then make sure you speak with each of them for a few minutes every day or whenever possible.

Cats Games on Mobiles

Today there are many mobile games available for cats. It cannot replace physical exercise. You can motivate your kitties to play the moving fish or mice on tablets that are likely to kindle their curiosity.

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Kitty Go Fetch

Both cats and dogs love to play fetch games. When you buy a toy, pick a small one because it should fit in the cats’ mouths when they carry it back to you during the game. Motivate your little ones to bring back the toy as it is not a natural action for them.

Give them treats while petting because it ensures that they will ask more of fetch games in the future like a pooch. Are you planning to gift a fetch toy for your furs-and-purrs? Then kitty nook has an exquisite collection of gifts for cat lovers.

Build Customized Hiding Places

Cats love to hide and spring up at the sight of prey because they are predators. There are customized toys to hide treats, which is a wonderful option that keeps your furry friends happy and stimulated. Looking to buy cat toys online USA for your loved ones, then Kitty Nook with its attractive collection is the best choice of gifts for cat lovers.


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Are Ball Pythons Good Pets

Fun with life is probably the most reliable side.

Keeping pythons as pets is easier than most people think. The ball python is a good snake for a beginning snake owner. They can grow to a maximum size of 3 to 5 feet. Ball pythons aren’t as big as other constricting snakes that are kept as pets. They are very soft and they are easy to handle.

For the first time, snake owners can find why ball pythons are good pets and what you can expect when owning one.

Owning a ball python

Owning a ball pythonBall pythons, also known as royal pythons or pythons regius, belong to the same snake family as boas. All these snakes are contrictors. The so-called constrictor snakes wrap their body around their prey until the creature suffocates, and then swallows it completely.

How big are the ball pythons?

Ball pythons are very small and usually only reach 30 to 48 inches in adulthood. There will be ball pythons for purchase at pet stores that specialize in snakes, or they may help you find a breeder.

What to consider when choosing a snake

Choose a snake with a well-rounded, muscular body, clear clean eyes, and vent. One should choose one that doesn’t show signs of respiratory problems, like wheezing, bubbles around the nostrils.

Slowly grips your hand/arms while handling look for one that is alert and curious. They may be at first seem skittish and scared. But after handling it for a while should be quiet. It is not a bad idea to ask for a feeding demonstration to make sure the snake takes the food immediately. The skin should be somewhat rubbery feeling, shiny, and free to shed.

Bringing your new pet home

If you have already another reptile in your home, you need to isolate the new snake due to the risk of parasites and diseases. Isolation is best for three to six months in a separate room with separate equipment from other pets. In addition, an initial checkup with a veterinarian is appropriate, especially for internal and external parasites. Contracting salmonella bacteria is a very low risk as long as good hygiene is practiced.

Why buy from a breeder?

Why buy from a breederBall pythons have a reputation for refusing food, but this is more common in wild-caught specimens. In addition, wild-caught snakes are extremely stressed from capture and transport. Often reach large parasitic loads, such as worms, pests, and ticks. Captive-snakes are slightly more expensive, but they are well worth the extra price. They will and tame down adjust quicker to their new home and will already be eating regularly.

Breeders will also offer ball pythons in all sorts of wonderful colors and shapes, which are called morphs. Most ball pythons sold at big chain pet stores are imported from Africa. Healthy, local, quality captive breed snakes can be found at a reptile expo or at an exotic animal store. If you already have experience with other types of snakes, you may also want to choose a ball python from an animal rescue.

Best Durable Dog Toys for the Most Aggressive Chewers

Do you have a dog? Dogs love toys so much. Dogs look to destroy toys. At the very least, they are aggressive chewers. They have the knack for shredding any toys they have in front of them. It is perfect for any toy made of silk, plastic or rope. If this description applies, a heap of eviscerated and mangled toys somewhere in your home.

You understand the struggle to find a toy that lasts for a chew-happy pet. Stay away from your shoes and pillows, and the balls, ropes, bones, and plushes will keep entertained your pups. Many manufacturers also list recommendations based on your dog’s size, weight, and chewing capability. Here are the best durable dog toys that will give your pup unlimited fun.

Skinny Peltz

these silk toys has many squeakersEach of these silk toys has many squeakers. So even if your dog has gone squeak once, their interest will not go away. As a bonus, Dogs cannot swallow or strewn this as there is no stuffing in this toy when it comes around your house.

Nylabone dura chew

Nylabone is available in different modifications. The S-bone, the axis bone, the textured bone, and the textured ring are some of this dura chews. These toys are designed to chew. Chewing will helps to maintain your pet’s dental health.

The Kong

Kong is an essential toy for anyone with a dog who loves to chew. Because it is a rubber toy and is almost Jolly Pet Romp-n-Rollindestructible for most dogs. This is ideal for use with puppies and training, too.

Jolly Pet Romp-n-Roll

This is a great choice for dogs who love water. In fact, it is funny, but it’s also rather badass. This tough toy can engaged dogs in many ways and in many settings. The ball floats and can be punctured without removing. They can play tug-o-war with the rope, chew on the ball, play fetch.

Petstages Dogwood Chew Toy

Genuine wood sticks are hardly the world’s most durable dog toys. This toy feels like a real one and has a lasting chewiness. It is as close as real wood. At the same time, the durability of artificial materials. It comes in four sizes. This toy system helps to keep the dog’s teeth clean and healthy.

All the above toys are durable toys. Buy these and keep your pets happy.