What are the Top 10 games for PC

We are people with interests in different fields, isn’t it? A few of us love to binge-watch Netflix while a few others love to run wild in the fields, and some people love playing games. There was a time when playing games was all about the outdoors. It was considered a healthy practice to go outside and join our group of friends to play something amazing. Then times changed and nobody ever bothered to go out and play with their friends. People stuck on to their phones and played automated games. Doing something of that sort amazed them. Being amazed for a while turned into an addiction and now people are slaves when it comes to playing Cracked games PC.

Gamers are constantly looking for games from different sources to fill their PC’s. they are fascinated by the different kinds of PC games that might be available on various sources. Well, this write-up is not to lead you to any source of a website, rather this article will talk about those games that can amaze people with the way it is designed. Everybody has different tastes and expectations when it comes to choosing games. Some might like games that involve war and fight while some may prefer games of a different kind. So this article will discuss the top 10 games for your PC.

believed to be one of the best games of the yearMortal kombat 11: aftermath: It is believed to be one of the best games of the year so for its excellent plotline of grand plans and betrayals.

Tales from off-peak city, vol.1: I suggest you start from off-peak if you want to get a taste of such strange adventure games.

Monster train: the tale of a demon versus an angle. The plotline is much more interesting. You might want to give it a try as well.

Gear tactics: if you are someone that loves games that have action and war-like sequences then this is something worth giving a try.

Doom eternal: the name is what intrigued me into giving this a shot. This game might not be a cup of tea for everybody though. I prefer not to speak much of this since I want you to go and try it for yourself.

Ancient enemy: the ancient enemy is sure to keep you hooked, your seats, and your fingers on fire because every seats and your fingers on fire becausetime you feel like you are very close to outsmarting the game and then you end up coming back to where you began. The challenges will want you to try this again and again until you make it.

A few other games that you might want to give a shot are

  • Desperados III
  • Half-life: Alyx
  • Assemble with care
  • Kentucky route zero
  • Townscape: honorable mention

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Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio

Are you looking for the gaming chair that comes with the Audio? Do you like to invest your money in the gaming chair that does get damaged after several uses? Are you finding for the gaming chair with audio that features a space-saving design? If yes, you’re at the right platform. There are so many brands offer gaming chairs at great low prices. So, choosing the best one is a daunting task.

In order to reduce your difficulties in choosing the best one, here, I’m going to introduce one excellent product which should definitely meet your needs. Want to know what it is? If you continue reading this article, you’ll know the features of the Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio.

Features of the Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio: Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio

Cohesion is a well-known brand available on the market today and this brand delivers gaming accessories, gaming chairs, and so on. This is an awesome gaming chair and it is particularly designed for playing video games. After a deep research and analyzing the features of the wide range of gaming chairs, I’d recommend you to buy this gaming chair to satisfy your needs.

Some of the best features of the Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio are as follows,

Lightweight design:

This gaming chair features a lightweight and comfortable design so that you can easily sit in your chair while playing games.


This gaming chair is particularly designed for playing video games. This gaming chair can be used in any room of your home.

Ultimate sound:

The Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair has two wired receiver audio speakers that are built into the chair to offer you the ultimate sounding experience.

Easy to fold:

It is featured with the volume control and input/output headphone jacks. It is easy to fold this gaming chair while it is not in use.


This gaming chair offers excellent on-the-go portability and the 6 AA batteries are required. This chair features a heat-pressed polyester fabric that contours to your playing position.


  • It comes with the 1-year limited warranty.
  • It features a space-saving design.
  • It is a portable chair.
  • It is easy to fold this gaming chair.
  • It features a lightweight design.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: Does this gaming chair come with the batteries?

A: No, this gaming chair does not come with the batteries.

  1. Q: Can I fold this gaming chair?

A: Yes, you can easily fold this gaming chair and it is a portable one.


This gaming chair has received a lot of positive feedbacks from customers for its excellent features and elegant design. If you want to take your gaming to next level, then this is the best gaming chair to have. The overall rating of this gaming chair is 3.5 out of 5 stars. This gaming chair offers fantastic sound and it should definitely meet your needs.

Codex Skidrow Games

Every day the number of people turning up to PC games are quite in the increasing path. Individuals especially kids have been showing interest in playing PC games when compared to the other activities. Comparatively, they are more likely to show up interest in the online PC games of Football, and other sports.

Rather than depending on others to learn the game, kids are making an effective move by using online PC games. Downloading FIFA 19 games helps the kids to learn the basics of football and entertain their wish through playing the game. Instead of staying at home simply, the kids will find an amazing reason to stay with a purpose. There are many types of online Codex Skidrow Games that can be downloaded without any strain from online sites.

Codex Skidrow Games

Teenagers also love to play PC games, doesn’t it?

Apart from kids, teenagers also involve in loving more to get indulged in the PC games. According to their enthusiasm, there are many gaming series including Resident Evil. it brings in enthusiasm which may help the player to deal with their free time interesting. Teenagers can pick up the game that gives them a really exciting feeling once they enter into the gaming field.

Using virtually controlled games, there are many interesting turning points that a player might never forget throughout their gaming life. Even the developers of the game understand the mindset of the players and are planning to give them a wonderful and stunning background to the players. Few online games might indulge in bringing in a horror terrific experience.

Personal computer games are really interesting!!

PC games for gaming lovers are available in plenty of online sites. The players can easily download into their PC and start enjoying them. There are a variety of genres available for the players to enjoy upon. Few like to indulge in the shooting series and others love to get sci-fic games. All types of online games can be downloaded using the sites.

Codex Skidrow Games

The number of players downloading the PC games has been increased and thus there are many options for the players to get all sorts of games easily. Without any further thought, they can indulge in making their free time interesting using the several opportunities available online.

Due to the availability of several game downloading sites, the skid row players have to check whether the site gives game downloading options for free. Because there are many sites offering free PC game download. Investigate it through the sites’ reviews and indulge in it.

play robux generator

Roblox gives you fun experiences for you. It’s a type of game which brings unique mechanics to enjoy. This game has a lot of fun. It helps the players to create new world and new shapes they want. This game bringing in a distinct and fun approach towards gaming. Roblox game offers you new and creative way to play.

This is a multiplayer game. The game that connects together you and your friends. This is a addicting game also. The roblox game improving your game experience and is providing badges to the players. The roblox game gives you full freedom for creating exciting trinkets such as hats, body shapes, heads and many more. Roblox game works very well for kids. Because it enable them to make new friends and they can enjoy fun also.

In roblox you can choose your own way of playing the game. Roblox game is designed to be an open field for the players. Robux generator will gives you an experience for all time. The game is immersive and it is also fun game. You can share your experience with others. You can also find out some other people, and can play with them. This game brings out your unique creativity.

Roblox free robux generator game has no limits. The player can express their talents, ideas and creativity in a game world. You can play Roblox robux in all kinds of platforms like mobile, console and PC also. On any device playing is a great liberty for all of us. Robux generator has come with its own challenges. Robux is important and special item for the game. It helps you to improve your game play and it creates the game very interesting.

This game gives you a deep experience and you are the person in charge of the game.