All about Black Widow Spider & Bite Treatment

All about Black Widow Spider & Bite Treatment

Do you wonder what in the work black widow is? They are nothing but a genus of spider. It is recognized that about 32 species of black widow genus are distributed around the world. In North America it is commonly called as black widows, in Australia it is named as redback and in Africa it is identified as button spiders. These species are greatly classified depending upon their sizes. In most cases, the female spiders are black colored and they are easily identified through the red- orange marking in their abdomen. Even though these spiders practically found to be small and sound to be easy, the venom of their bite is considered to be extremely dangerous. Especially the venom of female spiders of these species is considered to be more dangerous than the male spiders. And day by day many people across North America and Africa are getting affected because of the venom of this dangerous species.

The bite of these harmful spider leads to latrodectism which is named beyond their genus. This venom is highly dangerous than excepted, that is they may rarely lead to death, if proper treatment is not taken on time. Thus people who are affected because of this bite should not take it granted; they are supposed to approach the best medical center nearby to avoid the venom spreading all over the body.

Lactrodectus – behavior

The black widow spiders are scientifically called as Lactrodectus and they are half – inch long. These species of The effects of venomspiders lives in an irregular, tangled, silken web which is constructed on their own. And they always remain in the center of their web seeking for their pray. These spiders often hang upside down in their web. When an insect struts in the web, the spider initially covers them with their silk fiber. In the mean while it makes its digestive ready by stimulating the digestive enzymes. When compared to other web species, these spiders are considered to have poor vision. In case, if the spider feels any threat, it grounds itself with silk lining to protect them from their enemies.

While considering the studies revealed on black widow species, it is stated that apart from the color variation in the abdomen, no other aspects were there to differentiate the male and female spiders. Part from this, the sexual organs inside the body gets varied from male to female. In few species of this genus, the female spiders tend to eat the male spiders once after mating with them. The female spiders will be dark in color when compared to males, especially the adult male spiders will be lighter in color and they will be half the size smaller than female spiders. Because of various structural and character changes, the venom of female is three times stronger than the venom of a male spider. In most cases, if a male spider bites human, the human body will have self defending capacity to fight against the venom. But this is not the case while considering the female spiders. Their bite must be treated instantly to prevent harmful effects.

The effects of venom

In general, the problem can be easily sorted out if the bite is realized and treated on time. But if they are not realized and left as it is, they may lead to severe health issues like heart attack and in some cases, their venom are considered to be fatal. In many cases, the bits of male spiders will not end in any risk, but this is not the case with the female spiders as they are highly dangerous. Especially the venom in children will lead to severe health risks. Hence if any pain or infection is realized in kids, they must be taken immediately into treatment.

Even though they are risky, they affect human being only if they are disturbed. The bite of this spider can be realized in two easy ways. That is pain will be realized in the bite area. If any pain is realized in the chest region, it indicates that the spider have attacked in the upper body. In case of abdominal pain, it can be declared that the spider have attacked in the lower body. Apart from this increased headache, salvation, sweating and vomiting are some of the symptoms which refers to black widow’s bite.


Though taking the patient to the hospital is more important, they must also be given first aid immediately. This will Treatmenthelp in avoiding the venom spreading all over the body. Ice cubes can be wrapped in a clean cloth and can be placed in the bite area at regular interval. If possible, the type of spider can also be noted to intimate the doctor. After this, the patient can be immediately moved to a hospital nearby. The diagnosis of this treatment includes various medical procedures. X-rays in chest and abdomen will be taken. And in some cases, breathing support may be needed. Blood and urine tests will be taken to find out various medical factors. However, the bite in healthy people will not take them to a deadly condition.

To get rid of all these problems, people living in dense area can cover their body with proper clothes. They can also prevent touching their nests. Especially these spiders will be highly located in wooden logs, under bush and in some moist areas. Hence people who are travelling through terrain can wrap their body with proper clothes.