3 eCommerce Promotion Ideas & Website Sale Ideas

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Creating innovative eCommerce promotion ideas can be difficult. It’s great to offer promotions and special offers to your ecommerce customers. Futhermore these can be used to encourage new visitors to be loyal and repeat customers. This can be a great way to drive affiliate traffic to your site, gain new customers and increase revenue. Many shopping cart platforms offer this ecommerce feature. So get advantage of them!

Here are simple eCommerce promotion ideas to help boost your sales:

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Percentage based discounts

Percentage based discounting methods have become still very useful on ecommerce websites. When artificially inflated original price is lowered, the human brain is still enticed to purchase a product. Experiment with different percentages depending on your profit margins to find the most effective percentage for you. These adjustments dynamically should be able to make any reputable ecommerce shopping cart throughout the site or to a specific category or a particular product. When creating a discount, always keep your profit margin in mind. An increase in revenue can be most valuable, however, when you make a substantial profit on every sale.

Free samples or low-priced products

One of the hardest things to do in ecommerce is to build trust with clients. Thus they have confidence in the quality of your products. You offer to get your quality products into the hands of more people, you can provide free samples of your products for shipping or at very low prices. It will help to win people’s confidence.

This tactic works best when people are likely to buy a large quantity of one of your products, when the product is perishable and needs to be replaced, or you have an array of high-end products that complement the one you give for free.

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Go interactive or go home

The key to eliminating the boredom of your customers is to make your product pages interactive. When you do so, you will be able to retain their interest throughout the buying process. Also, it can encourage rapid checkout.

For example, an interactive tool called ‘Bra Fit Finder’. It is, apparently, built with a female comfort in mind based on their shopping experience and training. But it also delivers recommendations just like a store salesperson.

In this example above, the one thing that is common is personalization. This is something every customer wants, also, it teaches them about a subject that they would not have thought about otherwise.