2 Powerful Tips for Better Travel Marketing This 2020

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The travel and hospitality industry has grown significantly over the past decade. It is growing more and more.

Have you chosen your summer travel plans? People are searching for cheap travel deals, flights and hotels. Advertisers are ready for them too.

In our opinion, this article will look at trends and key changes to your digital travel marketing strategy to improve your services in 2020.

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Understand the traveling customer’s journey

Unfortunately today’s customer’s journey is often very complicated. Think With Google has described a person can have hundreds of interactions with brands while researching their journeys.

travel guest post

Google identifies four key moments where you need to beat travelers:

  • Dreaming: People who are think about traveling are searching for ideas and inspiration. They do searches on where to go, and what to do.
  • Organizing: People decide on hotel and airline to book based on details such as location, cost, and timing.
  • Booking: People have made their decision and make their reservations.
  • Experiencing: People are searching for new things to do on their trip, and new places near them to visit during their travels.

Travel marketing tip: People think about and decide on trips all the time. Think carefully about all the key moments that can influence during the customer’s journey. Doing so will eventually lead to conversion.

travel guest post Be aggressive during summer and winter

Why? This is because people are more likely to book travel during these seasons. A survey reported a 27% year-over-year increase in January travel searches. The months from May to August in the summer and for winter December to February are the months to focus on. In the summertime, people look to escape the heat and in the winter they want to escape in cool. Advertisers should take full advantage of these peaks.

During these peaks, allocate large amount of budget in order to cope with the conversions. Use seasonal language in your ads to attract people who are in travel search. For instance, in January say, “Escape the cold! Book a trip to Saint John!”.

Create a game-plan to attract as many visitors as possible during these seasonal quests.

Using this data, you can use these tactics in your travel marketing plans. Dynamic remarketing is a powerful technique! So you should try to apply it in your business by 2020!!