1300 Calorie Daily Diet Meal Plan

The 1300 calorie daily meal plan is one of the numerous weight plans that will be available to bring about weight loss by reducing the calorie intake. You should be careful when you are following low-calorie diet plans because calories will cause many reactions to slow down of the metabolic rate of the body. Once you have decided to start with your diet then you has to chuck out all junk foods and health bars that will be low in calories.

You will also get some protein powders which will be mixed with milk or water to create shakes which will be taken as mid-day snacks. It is essential to drink a lot of fluids and it should be in the form of water. Green tea will be an excellent option to keep your body hydrated.

Sample diet plans:

The 1300 calories meal plan will be achieved by consuming a cup of fruits and a half cup of vegetables. This diet will be recommended and this diet will ensure you to get the necessary amount of nutrients and fats if the calorie intake will be low.

Meal plan 1:

  • Breakfast:

You will have a cup of cereal with a cup of skimmed meal and then one banana for your breakfast. For a morning snack, you have to enjoy a cup of skimmed milk with half cup of frozen strawberries.

  • Lunch:

You will have a sandwich and fresh fruits for lunch. Additionally, you can have a two slice of wheat bread, a slice of low-fat cheese and then one plum. This will have you in 1300 calories meal plan.

For an afternoon snack, you will enjoy with your choice but you have to make sure that the calorie count will be around 100 calories. Cottage cheese will be the best choice for an afternoon snack.

  • Dinner:

The total calorie count will be around 1300 calorie meal plan. For dinner, you should have a cup of beans, lettuce, two slices of cheese and with some rice. You can also have a cup of strawberries before going to bed.

You have to take diet plan from 1500 to 1300 calorie meal plan like maple syrup lemon and honey lemon. It will help you to burn calories and reduce the fat as a low-fat diet.

If you are following this diet plan then it will lead to an average weight loss in six weeks. The amount of weight will be lost depends on the various factors like calorie intake and the rate of the body metabolism. This will be sufficient to provide you with the adequate nutrients when you are trying to lose weight. A meal plan will be tailored to 1300 calories meal plan will help you to lose weight.

The key to losing weight will be the balance calories that are consumed with the calories burned by your body each day. If you follow this daily diet plan then you will be able to lose weight fast.